Site Speed Secrets Video Upgrade


Site Speed Secrets Video Upgrade


Discover how you can finally speed up your website and increase your conversion rates. All the information you need is here, and nothing has been left out in this course! You’ll learn so much just by going through this course. Here are some of the most powerful benefits you’ll gain: Learn to build faster websites from now on. Not all web hosts are created equal – make sure you sign up for a fast web host that will help you reach your business goals. Know how to use and analyze the results of the best website speed testing tools out there. Never underestimate the power of caching ever again – it will help your site load much faster than ever before. Become a .htaccess expert and learn how to speed up your site with just a few extra lines added to this powerful file. Be an expert at reducing and optimizing file sizes before uploading anything to your website. Use the top WordPress plugins which will help supercharge your slow site and turn it into a speedy machine.

Topics covered:

  • 3 Major Reasons Yours Site Is Slow and How You Can Fix It
  • 3 Methods To Improve Your Websites User Experience
  • 4 Benefits Of Using Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP For Your Website
  • 4 Free Tools You Can Use To Speed Up Your Website
  • 5 Benefits Of Having A Fast Website
  • 6 Secrets To Speed Up Your WordPress Website
  • How Optimizing Your Images Can Help With Your Site
  • How To Choose The Rights Web Hosting Company
  • Why You Should Care About How Fast Your Website Load
  • WordPress vs Static HTML Websites Which Is Faster
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